Roblox: Most iconic characters

Since its official launch in 2006, Roblox has become one of the MMO (Masive Multiplayer Online) games par excellence within the gaming community, thanks to the wide variety of games available on its platform, as well as the numerous characters it possesses. In this sense, over time, Roblox had the presence of characters with actions … Read moreRoblox: Most iconic characters

Best Roblox games 2019

It’s amazing to see how Roblox has grown rapidly since its release, even scrolling free games. This is due to the combination of social networking and MMO-based video game platform that offers its users the opportunity to interact and play together. It can be overwhelming how many games you will find available on the platform, … Read moreBest Roblox games 2019

Mobile Legends Tricks

If you are starting out as a Mobile Legends player you are probably having trouble adapting to the dynamics of the game and making some beginner’s mistakes. For this reason, it is necessary that you know some tricks of Mobile Legends that can help you improve your performance as well as take better advantage of … Read moreMobile Legends Tricks

Mobile Legends for iOS

Currently, within the trends that govern the world of video games, eSports, a form of collective competition, represent one of the most popular in the gaming community. The games that predominate in this type of events are the multiplayer online battle arena being favorite shooters. Within this category, one of the most popular titles has … Read moreMobile Legends for iOS