Cleaners are required

Company providing cleaning services and maintenance of facilities makes available to the public a job vacancy to fill the position of cleaner.
The hired person will have as main mission to obtain spaces free of polluting agents, performing a series of tasks, such as:

  • Clean corridors, bathrooms, elevators or any other assigned area using methods such as sweeping, vacuuming and mopping.
  • Dispose of trash stored in containers, making sure to line them with new trash bags.
  • Keep track of the inventory of cleaning supplies in order to request the supervisor to provide new materials.

As part of the requirements necessary to obtain the position of cleaner, the applicant must have the ability to perform various actions during the cleaning, such as lifting, walking, sitting, pushing and pulling, where those who have had previous experience in the cleaning area will be given preferential consideration.

At the time of online application, the applicant will be asked to perform a multiple choice mechanical reasoning assessment consisting of 27 questions, for which it will be recommended to take the time necessary to respond.

If you are interested in applying for this job offer and being part of a professional and trained cleaning team, then click HERE.