Cleaners are required

Hotel resort with extensive experience in providing first class accommodation services offers a job vacancy to be part of its team and occupy the position of EVS cleaner (Environmental Services).

The selected person shall carry out a set of heavy-duty cleaning tasks in order to provide the customer with a safe environment free of contaminants.

As an EVS cleaner, the contracted person has the responsibility to comply with the following procedures:

  • Apply different cleaning methods on the assigned floors accompanied by complementary actions, such as application of special shampoos, sealing, polishing, restoration, etc.
  • Properly handle floor care equipment such as a diesel-powered scrubber/sweeper.
  • To remove the dust, concentrated in zones of great altitude, acceding to them with a ladder.
  • Follow established safety rules for handling chemicals.
  • Report any irregularities related to cleaning tasks to the supervisor.

All these tasks must be complemented with a series of requirements necessary to obtain the position of EVS cleaner:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and have a high school certificate or equivalent.
  • Previous experience in concierge service will be preferred.
  • Handling and use of heavy cleaning equipment.
  • Previous experience in multitasking projects.
  • Ability to work unsupervised and perform tasks, both inside and outside the hotel, under cold or warm temperatures.

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