Cleaners are required

Cleaning company dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of sanitary conditions in facilities is in search of a person to perform work as a cleaner.

The person assigned to the position will be responsible for carrying out, under assisted supervision, the application of procedures that guarantee the cleanliness of the areas and spaces in their charge, following the rules and protocols established by the company.

Within the set of tasks that comprise the work of cleaner are:

  • Apply sweeping, mopping and washing processes to surfaces and floors, as the case may be using the implements and chemical products necessary to achieve the required cleaning standards.
  • Vacuuming carpets, both in offices and public areas, as well as removing stains found on these elements and other surfaces.
  • Clean all furniture in assigned areas.
  • Clean bathrooms thoroughly and supply dispensaries with toilet paper and liquid soap as required.
  • Notify the supervisor of possible failures that could affect the sanitary conditions of the place.
  • Dispose of the garbage stored in the containers, in the corresponding place for its later elimination, also making sure to cover the containers with new garbage bags.

The applicant must undergo a criminal background check. If you are interested in applying for this job offer, click HERE.