Factors affecting productivity at work

Productivity at work is a factor that is beneficial for companies in terms of saving time in the performance of tasks by employees, as well as the use of resources in the right measure.

However, there are likely to be times when productivity is compromised for a variety of reasons that may come from the person or workplace. Know through this post what are the factors that affect productivity at work.

Which factors affecting productivity at work?

1. Loss of motivation

This represents one of the main factors that affect productivity at work, causing the person to lose interest in the tasks he or she performs.

This situation can result in low performance and poor achievement of objectives.

Sometimes the motivation can be diminished by the lack of incentives offered by the company or by personal problems that make it difficult for the person to focus on his working day.

2. Disorganization

Within a company, order represents a very useful element to save time and speed up tasks, but for this to manifest itself, the person must create a physical and mental scheme of his working day.

The physical order would correspond to the way in which the person organizes the materials or resources that he uses to carry out his work, while the mental order refers to the planning of the procedures that will lead to the achievement of the objectives.

The disorder and lack of structure at the time of performing your tasks can lead to failure, this being one of the factors that affect productivity at work.

3. Communication problems

This situation arises when a person feels that he can’t express his ideas or proposals openly in his working environment or when one of the team members makes malicious comments behind someone else’s back.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a working environment with frank and respectful communication in order to facilitate interaction between company members and make them feel much more committed to their work.

4. Negative work environment

The work environment is that composed of the physical environment and the interaction generated between the members who work there.

If this is good, motivation flows and constructive attitudes are developed properly, thus favouring a good working relationship.

On the other hand, if the work climate is inadequate, it becomes a factor that affects productivity at work.

This also promotes disinterest, as well as deficiency in the performance of tasks performed by each of the members of the work team.

5. Excessive working hours

Many people believe that the more hours they spend on a task, the better the results, but the reality is that this action can be harmful.

Maintaining long working hours is another factor that can affect productivity at work and, in the long term, lead to fatigue, having a significant impact on your performance.

That is why, after an intense work effort, it is necessary that you take a rest that allows your body and mind to recover their capacities in order to guarantee an optimal performance in your work.