Medical Center makes available to the general public a job vacancy to fill the position of housekeeper.

As a housekeeper, the selected person will be in charge of the terminal cleaning of the operating room and other assigned areas, which must be carried out fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Ensure that cleaning equipment and products are used properly in accordance with applicable sanitary standards.

  • Perform daily cleaning of the assigned area according to the norms and protocols established by the hospital.

  • Correctly apply the processes of decontamination of the clinical areas, as well as of the equipment and non-disposable elements in compliance with the hospital’s policies and rules.

  • Wear appropriate clothing while disinfecting the operating room and restricted areas.

  • Maintain the order of the cleaning room in order to have a better disposition of the elements and equipment.

  • Maintain a safe environment when performing cleaning tasks, placing the corresponding safety signs so that they can be seen by patients, visitors and other personnel working in the medical center.

The person aspiring to the position of housekeeper must meet the following requirements:

  • To have 1 year of previous experience in the area of cleaning within hospital environments.

  • Have completed and obtained a high school certificate or GED.

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