Hotel with extensive experience in the hospitality industry is in search of a qualified person to occupy the position of housekeeper.

The hired person must carry out daily a set of procedures aimed at cleaning and maintaining order in the rooms, such as changing bedding and vacuuming to obtain a state of neatness that ensures optimal service to guests.

The person in charge of the housekeeper post will have the opportunity to receive training in order to facilitate their insertion into the current cleaning team, thus promoting an environment where learning is a constant and impacts favorably on their performance.

Within the benefits inherent to the position, the hired person will have the opportunity to access health programs to receive free medical care, membership in the 401-retirement plan, fully paid vacations, as well as paid rest due to illness.

In addition to these, other benefits include free lodging nights, bonuses, incentives, internal training program, professional training, life insurance plan, disability insurance, savings and retirement plan, among others.

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