Company dedicated to the provision of maintenance services and cleaning in general is in search of a person to assign the position of cleaner. The person who receives this responsibility must take charge of everything related to the general maintenance and cleaning of buildings, facilities and interior areas of the office lobby, bathrooms among other … Read more Cleaner


Hotel with extensive experience in the hospitality industry is in search of a qualified person to occupy the position of housekeeper. The hired person must carry out daily a set of procedures aimed at cleaning and maintaining order in the rooms, such as changing bedding and vacuuming to obtain a state of neatness that ensures … Read more Housekeeper

Senior Housekeeper

Elderly Care Home is looking for a qualified Senior Housekeeper. Under the position of senior housekeeper, the hired person will be responsible for coordinating actions to ensure optimal cleaning conditions in each of the spaces that make up the place. Among the functions to be performed by the person hired as Senior Housekeeper are: Work … Read more Senior Housekeeper


Medical Center makes available to the general public a job vacancy to fill the position of housekeeper. As a housekeeper, the selected person will be in charge of the terminal cleaning of the operating room and other assigned areas, which must be carried out fulfilling the following objectives: Ensure that cleaning equipment and products are … Read more Housekeeper


Are you a lover of order and cleanliness, willing to provide others with a pollution-free environment? Pediatric Medical Center is looking for people just like you to be part of its cleaning team. As a cleaner, the contracted person must carry out a series of procedures that contribute to maintaining cleanliness in each of the … Read more Housekeeper