Cleaning company dedicated to providing its services in municipal structures is in search of people willing to be part of its select team to occupy the position of cleaners. The people who manage to obtain the position will have the responsibility of carrying out cleaning tasks in municipal structures such as kindergartens, sports buildings, fire … Read more Cleaners

Cleaner in health center

A health center specializing in outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation makes available to the general public a job offer to carry out work in its facilities as a cleaner. After being selected as a cleaner, the person will be responsible for providing optimal cleaning results in each of the areas and spaces assigned to their charge. … Read more Cleaner in health center

Cleaner in spa hotel

Renowned spa hotel offers a job offer to be part of its team as a cleaner. The hired person must carry out a set of tasks that guarantee the cleanliness of all the facilities, in order to maintain high standards that characterize our accommodation services and provide guests with a pleasant and comfortable stay. At … Read more Cleaner in spa hotel

Industrial Cleaners

Company specialized in the digital management of facilities is in search of people with the capacity to perform full time the position of industrial cleaners. The persons selected will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks: Cleaning of industrial plant floors, as well as dry and wet cleaning of assigned structures in these complexes. … Read more Industrial Cleaners


A family business that offers facilities management services offers a job vacancy to add a new member to their cleaning team. The person selected must perform a series of procedures to ensure the cleanliness of assigned areas and surfaces. Their main tasks will be to clean offices and social rooms, as well as sanitary facilities … Read more Cleaner