How to look for a job?

As far as job search is concerned, in the past it was only enough to check the classified section of the newspaper to find job offers and try each one until you are lucky enough to be hired by a company. Nowadays, there are a great variety of methods and options to find employment, both … Read more How to look for a job?

How to quit a job?

If after some time working in the company you feel that you are not advancing professionally and you are dissatisfied with the work you are doing, then you are probably considering resigning and looking for a better job opportunity. However, before making this decision, it is necessary that you follow a series of recommendations that … Read more How to quit a job?

How to work under pressure?

As an employee of a company, one thing you should always keep in mind is that there will be times when you have to work under pressure, whether by last-minute orders, short deadlines to achieve objectives, delays caused by unforeseen events, among others. If you are not prepared to properly handle a considerable workload under … Read more How to work under pressure?

Emotional salary

For decades, companies were only concerned with providing monetary compensation to their employees to pay for the work inherent in their position. However, with the passage of time this has been changing and more and more companies have adopted a form of payment complementary to the monetary gratification known as emotional salary. What’s it all … Read more Emotional salary