Senior Housekeeper

Elderly Care Home is looking for a qualified Senior Housekeeper.

Under the position of senior housekeeper, the hired person will be responsible for coordinating actions to ensure optimal cleaning conditions in each of the spaces that make up the place.

Among the functions to be performed by the person hired as Senior Housekeeper are:

  • Work together with the supervisor to conduct the actions of the rest of the cleaning team with the aim of ensuring compliance with the tasks assigned.

  • Apply cleaning procedures to apartments and common areas.

  • Inspect the community and detect cleaning needs that are outside the scheduled scheme, in order to prioritize and assign tasks in conjunction with the supervisor.

  • Develop an inventory of available cleaning products and equipment.

  • Perform laundry tasks.

  • Remove and dispose of trash stored in containers.

As Senior Housekeeper, although this function does not require direct reporting, the person hired to fill this position may perform their duties as supervisor under the orders of the Director of Maintenance.

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